Beretta 92FS

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by The_Rican, May 10, 2010.

  1. The_Rican

    The_Rican New Member

    I am thinking about buying a Beretta 92FS. Any feedback will be appreciated. Not looking at it for concealed carrying purpose.

  2. RadioActiV

    RadioActiV New Member

    Well I own a Taurus pt92 and it's about the same other than the safety and I love mine it's very reliable. I've heard that the Beretta's are a very fine piece to have and I want one my self. Only because I love the platform these guns are on!

  3. Hunt SD

    Hunt SD New Member

    One of my favorite firearms. Easy to shoot.
  4. Jpyle

    Jpyle New Member

    I've had a 92FS for a year or so now. Not a single feed or eject problem to date with many types and brands of ammo. Very accurate out of the box, has a very balanced feel to it with hardly a noticable recoil. Follow-up shots get on target very naturally with this frame. Field strip and cleaning is a snap. Mags are kinda pricey I believe but mine came with 3 (police version) so I am ok.

    Some don't like the slide mounted safety or first shot DA trigger pull if you use the decock lever. It is a tad long, but not enough to make the gun unusable in any way. I think that is more a 1911 shooter thing anyway, after awhile you get used to it.

    Lucky for you that this is not being considered for CCW. The 92FS is about 2 pounds empty :eek: and just too big to conceal, open holster carry only. As a truck or HD gun or just plain ole plinking at the range this gun is hard to beat, in my opinion anyway.
  5. Tackleberry1

    Tackleberry1 New Member

    We had these in the Infantry. I'm a 1911 guy so I never really warmed up to the 9mm but I can't fault the platform. Always reliable and consider the source. Thirty days in my holster back when I was humping the PIG is more abuse than you'll give one over a lifetime of use.

    I never had or saw a malfunction but I've heard of several FTF's from the sandbox. Seems they were due to cheap aftermarket mag's. The black finish was flaking off of these mags, inside, and feeding up into the guns.

    GI's found a fix. They wrote home for factory Berretta mags and that seems to have fixed the problem.

    Stick w/factory mags and you'll be happy with the M92.

    If you'd like to save a couple of hundred on a gun of similar weight and handling, look at the CZ75

  6. winch

    winch New Member

    I bought a 92FS about a year ago as well. I really like the feel of the gun...very hefty. I like the 9MM for it's economy. No issues after 500 rounds or so.
  7. Wambli

    Wambli Member

    The military uses it and that makes it interesting by itself. It is a fine handgun that I personally have never warmed up to. Too heavy and bulky for concealed carry and it does not fit my hands well. I can shoot it just fine but it is work to do so because it does not point right for me.
  8. Missileman

    Missileman New Member

    Great pistol, never a feed issue at all with mine--very plesant to shoot. Also, if you get the Baretta version you can shoot it at national match events if you so desire (the Taurus version isn't authorized). Enjoy it!!
  9. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    never cared for em. the triggers are pretty poor in both modes. for 9mm the cz75 is far far superior. used the 92fs as my duty weapon as an mp. the open slide is a debris magnet under field conditions and just about every piece of lint and debris would find its way tween the barrel and slide. kinda on the order of the ww1 french chauchau machine gun mags.

    as a range gun should be fine for target shooting. i really hated the idea of staking my life on that thing when on patrol.

    IGETEVEN New Member

    I concur with what he said about the CZ75 and 92FS, except my slide was never open on my duty weapon....different job, different rules, fun times. :cool:

  11. kcolg

    kcolg New Member

    This article might help :

  12. Mannster

    Mannster New Member

    This is a great gun. If I've had a jam or any other problem with mine, I can't think of it. Solid gun. I read that Taurus had bought the Beretta factory, and that many of the people working there for Beretta stayed on with Taurus - meaning that for the most part, buying this 92 was essentially like buying a Beretta 92.