Beretta 92fs vs. XDM 40

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by 500mag_guy, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. 500mag_guy

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    Hey guys i am trying to decide what to do. I have a Springfield XDM 40 and i like it but im really not that impressed with the accuracy. i was at the range and i wasnt getting that tight of groups, the guy i was shooting next to leaned over and said i should practice dry firing it so i can get the feel for a pistol. i then pulled my m&p 40 out of my shoulder holster and made the bulls eye disappear. he then walked away :D My father has been trying to get me to sell him the xd sense i bought it so im thinking of selling him that then buying the 92fs. Anybody have any pros or cons on either of the guns?

  2. NGIB

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    In terms of "mechanical accuracy" I doubt the XDM has any shortcomings - most likely it just doesn't suit you or your style well. I see that asked all the time "what's the most accurate pistol". Other than high end guns with a written guarantee of accuracy, I doubt there's many shooters that can "stress" the mechanical accuracy of modern brand name handguns. Shoot the 92 and if it works better for you then it's an easy decision...

  3. USMC-03

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    Like NGIB said, I doubt it's the gun itself...just may not suit your style. I personally find my XD's and XDM to be among the handguns I shoot best. I personally do not like the 92 at all. I just hate the feel of that weapon. All depends on what you like.
  4. eborden1122

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    Hey bro, I have a 96fs .40 cal and I love it. I would not trade it for anything. Really accurate and smooth. Eats any type of ammo too. Besides the 1911 I'm getting and the new kimber solo on order my next addition will be a beretta 9mm. Ed
  5. Viking

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    I have an XDm40 that I wish I had been able to try out before I bought it, it does fit well in my hand but it just does not shoot well in my hands. However my Stoeger Cougar 40 is been unbelievably accurate right out of the box. Too bad I don't know of anyone that has a 92 to try out because I have a feeling it would do just as well as my Cougar. The XDm has become my stashed away just in case SHTF weapon due to it's high cap magazines.
  6. BLRacing67

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    My Beretta M-9 is the most accurate pistol that I own or have shot. Obviously this is just me, but a friend just bought a 92fs and his is very accurate as well. Groups tighter than any of my other guns. He shoots his Kimber better, but the Beretta groups as tight or tighter. I couldn't even begin to shoot the Kimber as well as my M-9 or 90-two.
  7. jna142

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    I like the beretta. im a beretta owner and always will be.
  8. indyfan

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    I've compared the accuracy of my Beretta M92fs to my Glock 9mm. The Beretta was a good bit more accurate, not ragging on Glock, just saying I shot tighter groups wiith my M92.

    The only downside to the Beretta M92 when compared to any polymer handgun is the weight. It's a good 10 to 12 ounces heavier than the average polymer. This might be an issue if you carry it everyday. The M92 Sights are a pain in the butt to replace too, that is if you ever decide to get night sights. As for reliability, if you keep her clean, she'll fire like a dream.

    also you already own an M&P 40, why do you need an XDM? The M&P handgun is a major improvement on both the Glock and XD/XDM pistols, I think one polymer is enough for you sir, get the M92FS.
  9. shipwreck

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    I love the 92 - as you can obviously tell from the photo below. I think it is a very accurate gun. I have seen older magazine reviews that claimed to get 2" groups at 25 yards with a 92FS...