Beretta 92FS FTF,FTF.

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  1. PowerViolence

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    Hey my buddy bought a new Beretta 92FS about a year ago. Long story short he moved it hung around in storage for about a year. We finally took it out to shoot for the first time.
    We had about 200 rounds to fire through it. 2 boxes of federal, 2 boxes of Remington umc.

    Well basically the gun started out strong, but 40 rounds in it started to fail to eject the shells. Then it started to fail to feed the next shell. Then after about 150 rounds... it started to fire one round then not cycle the next, causing us to manually rack the slide.

    Any thoughts?

    ps. We were using two factory magazines, both had the problems.
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  2. B5Dan

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    Man, I don't know. I suppose you could still attribute it to new pistol break-in, but not sure with the first 50 being ok and it going downhill from there. I assume you took it apart, cleaned it, and oiled it well before firing it. Sounds like mag problems anyway. That's a pretty popular pistol, so I would recommend borrowing a mag from someone else (a known good mag) and trying that. I would bet my father-in-law's bottom dollar that sorts it out. Not MY bottom dollar, but his... :D

  3. ineverFTF

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    IneverFTF so i cant help :p

    It does sound like a mag problem. Buy some better newer mags and your problem should go away.
    It might be an extractor issue but with the other problems it's probably just bad mags.
  4. Jpyle

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    did you clean it first? Any gun that has been sitting around for a year needs a good clean and lube before use, especially a new Beretta. My 92 had enough grease and oil in it to make a salad, after a year I imagine it'll begin to gum up.
  5. BeyondTheBox

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    Was the ammo a year old, was it too exposed to year of storage conditions?
  6. DoyleTheDog

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    Like Jpyle said, clean the pistol. I bet after a good cleaning it'll run like a champ.
  7. Overkill0084

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    I would add that the mags should be pulled apart and cleaned as well. My CX4 was pretty gooey to include the mags. Nearly as bad as CZ. :eek:
  8. jjfuller1

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    my first thought was a year in storage? i wonder how much dust it collectec in the packing grease... i suggest giving it a thorough cleaning and then one more range trip to verify it wasnt just sirt and buildup. if after this range trip you still have problems it could be a mag, or ejector issue. at this point try a different mag. if you still have problems contact beretta. they may be able to service it.
  9. therewolf

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    Word has it a while back rejected mags from the military

    were being passed on to civilians. Try some new mags.

    Don't forget to dis-assemble, clean and lightly lube the mags.

    If all else fails, contact the American factory in Accokeek, Maryland.

    I think I speak for most here when I say - thousands of rounds, all types

    of ammo, more than one 92, never one FTE or FTF...
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