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    First time post. Believe it or not the Federal agency I work for still uses the Beretta 92d, I've been looking for one, but can't find one at a reasonable price.
    Thought I would ask you guys if you have any suggestions for a 9mm double action only (dao). After more than 20 years of qualifying, I'm suddenly having difficulty. I recently practiced with a single action 9mm and could not believe how well I shot it.
    By the way, my job rarely requires me to carry, but I must qualify annually.
    Thanks in advance
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  3. JTJ

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    CDNN has some Beretta 96D trade ins for about $300+$15 but they are 40 S&W.
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    How about a Ruger P95DC?


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    I know this thread is a little old, but there is a third gen S&W duty pistol in DOA, model 5946. I found a couple of LEO trade-ins over the past couple of years on gunbroker. The prices were good since few like the DOA hammer fired pistols. I haven't put a trigger scale on it but I would estimate the one I have at 8-10 pounds (I bought two, & sold one)

    Also, the Beretta 96 models accept a 9mm barrel assembly and mags - or 9mm cartridges fit the 40 mags also. I have a 96FS that I do this with and have no function problems at the range. Even so I wouldn't trust it w 9mm for daily carry.
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    I will swear and live by ALL of my Taurus hand guns . I have the Beretta 92 as well and its a safe queen , I never shoot it , the taurus shoots sooooooo much better . yes its cheaper , no its not junk , and dont expect to fetch trade in value of beretta from it either . I keep mine just because its stainless and its worth a little bit . LGS is getting 450-500 for the used ones , GETTING IT not asking