Beretta 92 Taurus 92/99 Trigger Issue

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by 67Mustang, Feb 13, 2018.

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    I have a Taurus PT99 AF and recently noticed an issue with my trigger. With the slide off the trigger works great in both SA and DA. With the slide on the pull is ridiculously hard and does not "trip" the hammer correctly. When I let up on this hard trigger pull sometimes the hammer will drop.
    Are there any parts I can examine or things to try prior to bringing it to a gun shop or send in for warranty? I am pretty mechanically inclined and would prefer not to pay 2 way overnight shipping to Taurus for warranty work if I can do something on my own. I expect the shipping alone to cost $80 round trip.

    First time poster here, I hope this is the right board to put this on. PS I know it is a Taurus and haters will hate but that gun has never had a single jam, ftf or anything else with around 2k rounds through it.

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    Welcome to the forum! We have a section called "Introductions". Stop in and say "Hi".

    If the warranty is still active, the first place to go is the manufacturer. Call Customer Service and discuss the problem with them. Bypass the local gunsmith. You don't want the warranty voided.

    On sending the firearm back, check the US Post Office regs. Yes, a firearm can go through the PO in certain circumstances. The 2 Day option is normally required by carriers and not the BATF.