Beretta 92 Compact L report

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by bontrager92fs, Dec 5, 2011.

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    was able to pick up a beretta 92 compact L, italian made. and boy shes spot on. this piece is highly accurate and precise. recoil not an issue but you do need to have a secure grip. this gun shoots perfect, only the operator is responsible for missings xmarks.

    Ive shot remington, winchester and federal ammo, and NO JAMS! My old man has a full size 92 and it can be picky.

    Also one detail different, the 92 my old man has was made in the U.S. and the spring guide is plastic. My Italian made compact Ls spring guide is steel. It helps distribute some weight to the front to help compensate for barrel loss.

    Also the safety is very secure but also easy to switch off with the budge of your thumb knuckle making drawing from a holster with the safety on, not a problem switchin off mid draw and ready to fire by the time your sights are locked on.

    A bit easier to conceal than a full size 92.

    I highly recommend this weapon. and I'm not being biased as to my screen name :D