Beretta 92/96 Combo

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    Back around 1998 I purchased a Beretta 92/96 combo used. It appeared to be a standard 96, with an extra slide, barrel, and spring to convert from .40 to 9mm. It came with a beretta dark plastic case, a high capacity 9mm magazine and a 10 round .40 magazine. It's in excellent shape (one would have to take the pistol apart to tell it from new).

    I've never seen another before or after. I've never been able to find more than a passing reference to it on the internet, magazines, or gun value guides. So, my questions:

    Is my pistol as rare as it seems? Does anyone have any tidbits of information about it?

    Does anyone have any idea as to its value? I know things are worth what people will pay, but perhaps a ballpark idea?
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