Beretta 90-two vs 92fs

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    my little brother is turning 21 soon and me and the old man are helping him handgun shop. he is interested in beretta 92's. but i saw on their website a 90-two that seems to have almost identical dimensions to the 92. so my question is what are the differences between them besides the rails on the 90-two?

    and while we are at it, what is the difference between the m9 and the 92fs.

    thanks in advance
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    The 92FS is Italian made and is essentially the same firearm the military uses/used. The M9 is dimensionally the same but has a decocking lever. The
    90-two is a polymer frame and still has the decocking lever and also a firing pin visual indicator.
    I'm sure someone can chime in with more info.

  3. 741512th

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    I'm pretty sure that 92FS sold in the US is also made in the US.

    The slide mounted safety on the 92FS is also a decocking lever.

    The 92FS has a chamber loaded indicator on the right side (but the paint wears off pretty quickly, so it is kind of useless).

    The M9 also has an accessory rail.
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    First the easy one. The M9 and the 92FS are the same gun, and both are made in the USA. The only difference is the markings on the guns. The 92FS is also made in Italy and sometimes imported here also.

    The 90-Two is for the most part, a "imporved" version of the 92. It has a frame made of the same alloy as the 92FS & M9, but uses a different grip and in fact, there is a thinner grip avail as an option from Beretta for $10. The grip, either one, is more ergonomic than the 92's and the 90-Two also has built in, a recoil buffer to make it more durable for the 40 cal. It has a rail, with a cover, and the mags hold 17 rounds instead of the 15 for the 92. However, the 17 round mags from the 90-Two will work in the 92.

    My personal choices would be, in order, the 90-Two, the M9, and the 92FS. But all are fine guns and will last a lifetime...
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    the standard m9 doesn't have an accessory rail
    the m9-a1 does
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    I would recommend the 90-Two or the M9A1 over the 92. That being said you will limit your holster options going with the 90-Two or for that matter the M9A1 due to the rail.

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    90 two vs m9

    I just purchased a .40 SW 90 two. Also, for the last year, I've carried a M9 as part of my job. The M9 (which is very similar to the M92) is in my opinion, a mediocre firearm. I used it alot, and like almost any weapon, it was reliable as long as it was cleaned and maintained. I found it was somewhat uncomfortable to grip in my personal taste. The 90 two is an improvement to the M92. It is almost the same gun, but the grip has been improved, and is much more comfortable to hold. It has a rail system, and ive experimented with mounting lasers and lights on the weapon, which works out great except its difficult to find a holster. It has also been reshaped to operate and draw better, and I can notice a big difference. I havnt researched enough, but Im pretty sure most of the inner parts have been manufactured more proficiently. I noticed the spring doesnt have the risk of shooting out of the weapon during disassembly (the M9 spring is more feared than the 9mm bullet). Also, the safety has more of a snap to it when disengaged and reengaged. The disassembly lever snaps back into place on its own when the slide is put back on the weapon. SOme of these features are minor, but if youre on the fence between the two models, little improvements can make all the difference. I recommend the 90 two, its simply a better gun, an improvement to the M9 and M92. Also, I bought a 90 two for 500$, brand new. Very reasonable price for a brand new gun.
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    Since this post is almost two years old I doubt you're still shopping, but for anyone else considering a 90-two, like me, I stumbled across a sale on some LE trade ins on Used Beretta 90-Two 40S&W LE Trade-ins - $399

    Here's a link to the posting on their site: Used Beretta 90-Two 40S&W LE Trade-ins - $399 | Slickguns

    I was trying to figure out WTH is the difference in this and the 92 as well. I had narrowed my choices down to the Springfield XD & Glock, but now I have this one to contend with as well.
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    I realize this thread is older than dirt and you probably don't need answers anymore but I stumbled across the forum and this thread in particular while researching whether the mags from the 92fs would fit in the 90-two. Anywho I havent handled a 90-two so I can't make any input on those, but seeing as how I have carried an M9 for the past 8 years in the military I can tell you that there is ONE difference between the M9 and the 92fs and that is the factory engraving or indenting or stamping or whatever method beretta uses to mark their slides. That is the only difference, other than that they are the exact same gun. I could take my 92fs into a military arms room and any grips or holsters or springs or magazines or anything that they have for their m9 would fit the 92fs. They only reason anyone would know that it wasn't one of the issued weapons is because it says so on the slide. I can tell you that military issue M9's do not have a rail on them nor do they have a decocking lever. I have never seen an M9A1 apparently because for the past eight years every M9 I have been issued was without rail. Either way they are not remarkable guns by any means. And honestly the only reason I even bought one is because I had so many different holsters and such a large amount of extra magazines that seemed to pop up out of nowhere after a range.
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