Virginia Beretta 70s .22 lr

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    Up for sale or trade. Mint- I mean it! NRA excellent grade Beretta Model 70s in .22 lr.
    Very Rare pistol. Imported by Berben Co. New York.
    Comes with original magazine . I just got this pistol in a trade last weekend from the guy who put the first rounds through it! I was told that it had only been fired 20 or 30 rounds. It definately appears to be true. I have disassembled and cleaned it. I have not fired it as of yet. I know this is a collectors item, and I want to keep the round count as low as possible. You must see this to truly appreciate . I have done extensive research on these , and have found out some really cool stuff about them. Would prefer to sell outright for 600.00 or best reasonable offer. Possibly trade for full size 1911 or AR 10 /15 platform. I have some cash and plenty of ammo to make up any trade difference. The pics are from the original owner. (Sorry Ed :)) It looks as though it is stainless or even alloy in the pics , but it is actually a very nice blued finish on all steel frame. Again, you need to see to appreciate how pretty and well made this classic is! Please be real with offers.Do some googling and find out how hard to find one of these in this shape and caliber is. I can send additional pictures as well. FTF transaction with all good guy IDs is a must. Thanks ! ImageUploadedByFirearms Talk1393077973.514868.jpg ImageUploadedByFirearms Talk1393078006.452103.jpg

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    If you are in IN or a bordering state, send me a PM.

    Edit. Sorry overlooked Virginia. I don't expect to be there any time soon. Still, if you happened to visit around here, I'd be very interested.
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    Handsome pistol . Good luck with the sale !