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    A friend brought in a Beretta 1201 FP that he just aquired. He reports feeding problems, I suspect the inertia system (similar to Benelli) is the culprit. Has anyone else had experience with these shotguns. Are they ammo sensitive like the Benellis? Do they prefer heavier (high brass) loads?
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    I know they operate on inertia as the Bennelli does. I had a Super 90 14" entry that wouldn't cycle with low brass, much less the Winchester reduced recoil loads. I would bet some full power high brass would fix the cycling issue. Also, I purchased some Sellier and Bellot (sp?) high brass buck shot which wouldn't cycle in my Super 90. After staring at the rounds, I noticed that they were about 1/4" longer than anything else. The hulls were not crimped, but the shot was secured with a plastic "plug". Just a thought.

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    I purchased a 1201FP about a month ago NIB for $425.00. I've put about 300 rounds through it, and from day one it has cycled everything from Wally World Winchester / Remington cheapies, through Federal High Brass #4's and various buckshot and slugs. I LOVE this shotgun! My friends and I like to kill clay birds with combat shotguns and this thing is fast. The only shotguns which will keep up with it are Benellis, although the guy with the FN SLP and another with a 930SPX are close. The only problem is recoil with heavy loads. With a weight of only a little over six pounds it can be a pain after a long range session.

    By the way, my Benelli M2 has always functioned 100% with any load I've tried.

    I love Italian Shotguns.
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    beretta 1201fp

    i have had problems cycling the fiocci high power buckshot but the wolf buckshot ran fine i wonder if there is a way to control the gas or adjust the recoil spring.i also ran some high power winchester buckshot and some rounds ran ok others had problems any help would be appricated.
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    Beretta 1201 Shotguns

    I'm looking for a replacment stock and fore-end either wood or synthetic. I've been to and to no avail. Would appreciate any help.
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    manual for 1201 fp

    Folks, I have a beretta 1201 fp pistol grip that I took out of storage. Does anyone have access to the manual for this gun? I would be happy to pay for it .