Beowulf 50 cal!!!!

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    So I just heard about the 50 cal gun that Alexander arms makes and kinda really want it lol you can get it in a complete upper receiver or a full gun.
    Uppers are 700-1100
    Full gun are 1200-2000
    Also ammo isn't that bad too figuring its such a unique round (25 bucks for 20 rds).
    I want to know if any of you guys have them and what are the pros and cons. Also do you think I could use it deer hunting? I'm thinking even the smaller 240 gr rd is still to powerful and might blow a deer up lol.. Read that the 300gr bullet has more power at 75 yrds than a 3" magnum 12ga slug does at point blank range!!!

    Ohh and one other thing. Nys law on "assault" weapons is any semiauto rifle that can accept a detachable mag that holds more than ten rds can't have more than one of the following.
    Flash suppressor
    Grenade launcher
    Collapsible stock
    Bayonet lug
    Pistol grip
    So since Alexander arms doesn't make a mag that's more than 10 rds and if you mod a 30 rd 5.56 mag for the 50 cal it will only hold 10 rds too, I'm thinking if I buy a full gun then I can get it all tricked out and still be completely legal... Thanks guys
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    Deer hunting its fine. My preferencevis the 458socom. Reason being is you can handload real hunting bullets and there is a HUGE variety of bullets in .458 for it.

    The beowulf uses pistol bullets which tend not to have a lot of hunting based rounds although .500 bullet selection has gotten a lot better the last few years due to the 500sw magnum pistols.

    It wont "blow a deer up". The truth is 458s and 500s do less damage to deer and game meat loss wise due to the much lower velocity and much greater weight than 30-06 and 30-30s do but do a far better job putting the animal down quickly and humanely.

    You just about never have to track a deer shooting it with a big bore more than a step or two as you often do with "deer" rifles.

    Its a great choice for a deer gun.
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    I have the 450 Bushmaster and love it. What JonM says about big, slow bullets is right on from what I've seen. Out to 200 yards these things kill! I don't know about available .50 cal. bullets but the 450 Bushmaster uses bullets made for muzzle loaders and you can get heavier bullets that are plenty strong enough for the biggest game on this Continent. Guys have killed grizzly's with Hornady factory loads with one shot.
    As far as being NYS legal just be sure it doesn't have a threaded barrel and if it does that a cap or compensator (NOT a flash suppressor) is pinned and the pin welded or the comp it's self is welded permanently on the barrel. If the mags are modified to hold no more than 10 rounds, you should be OK.
    Enjoy your big bore!