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    I'm seeing a trend lately, and in light of what's going on in the world this week, I thought I'd throw out my .02, FWIW.
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    I'm an operator, two or three times a week. I've done stuff all over the globe. I've seen service in The Nam, Bataan, Normandy.

    I now keep a speedloader with 4 AAs loaded at all times, in case my wireless controller dies. It happened once, I got lucky.

    Truth be told, we have one here. One that I can confirm. I won't share how I know, let's just say I saw his handiwork, I talked to him, and he knows things that only someone who was there in the same timeframe would know.

    Some of you are active duty now, some of you have finished up a hitch. I salute you.

    I'm working on a system now that will validate those who claim to be operators. Trust me, it's easy enough to buy that you served. Alot of the guys here have. But if you claim to be something that you're not, you open yourself to an azzload of ridicule and problems.

    Which brings me to.....

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    CCW, LTCF, Permit guys.

    There was a time when these were hard to get in alot of places. Through alot of hard work from people who likely weren't you, many states are now "shall issue".

    When you post a thread asking to be regaled by stories of true life draw downs, when you ask "What's the most intimidating gun?", when you openly post your own stories of brandishing, you help to undo some of that.

    Carrying gives you a degree of control over life and death. God has that power. Unfortunately, you do not have the wisdom of God.

    In any confrontation, there is a moment of perfect clarity. Of truth. The other guy will know if you truly mean to defend yourself, or if you're hoping your bluff will work.

    Buy a gun you can handle. Get training. Buy ammo, and shoot it. Alot.

    Do not think for a moment that you will keep that permit for long if you're gonna wave that thing around at people to make your point.

    I can sell anyone here a black belt, $8 and $2.95 shipping. For about $60, I can get it embroidered with your name, dragons, Asian characters, and it will be real intimidating.

    But you still won't be a badazz.
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    If you're not nice, I'm leaving.

    I've been on here a couple of years now. I was sort of "felt out" initially, and after about a year of quality posts, and positive ideas, I gained acceptance.

    People have warmed to me, and many look forward to my posts. I've formed some tight friendships.

    I've also had real world events that have forced me to go on hiatus from time to time. The forum went on.

    I say these things with sincere humility. I am not the most important thing here. And I'm established.

    So new guys, if you have 100 posts under your belt, and 50 of those are shaky, and somebody says something you don't like, do us a favor.....

    There is no need to threaten us with your absence. Not every forum is a fit for everybody. We did not subscribe so that one day we'd be graced by you. You joined for some reason.

    If it was to troll, good riddance.

    If it was to impress us, you failed.

    If it was to gain knowledge, then welcome.

    But if you think threatening us with your departure is somehow motivation to change who we are, especially if 20 people are telling you in a variety of ways that you're off base on a topic, only one person loses at the end of the day.
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    Gramer an spellchek.

    I don't do either well. I didn't graduate high school. I'm not kidding here.

    I make some effort before each post to make sure what I'm putting up is at least somewhat legible. Semi articulate.

    Mistakes? Sure. Anybody can make them.

    Some of you, however, will fill 70 lines with one run-on sentence. It then becomes impossible to read. Maybe you had a valuable tip or important point in there. We'll never know.

    None here is Indiana Jones, none here will go fishing through your post to find the deeper meaning. For some, your post can cause migraines. Others will have epileptic seizures.

    Contrary to the collective thought of some, there are no spelling/grammar Nazis here. We don't mock based on your educational background, or your computer literacy.

    Most of the time, somebody who does get called out on it got called out because they criticized somebody else for the same thing.

    At least try the concept of your friend, the paragraph.
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    I don't want to quote this for truth just because it would be the entire thread. However there is all truth in BB's words. Unfortunately some people come here with th attitude that they are the end all be all in a certain subject. I know I was one. However this forum is different, folks here are knowledgeable and here to help others strengthen this world and more importantly our country, not prolong half cocked ideas of of running around armed like some sort of modern day Charles Bronson.

    I have not been accepted yet, but look forward to the day I might be included in on a wild made up story or a practical joke with a stuffed animal, but along the way just as in life here are those who are smarter and you can't get bent out of shape just because your opinion is challenged. Trust me they are not impressed by shooting a buck at 1000 meters and you having to track it for three days only to give up and the animal had to die not only for no reason, but slowly at that. No one is impressed with your duel shoulder rig and 15 spare mags that go with your ridiculous story of brandishing to someone who wanted directions. If that's what you want, there are plenty of other mall ninja forums out there.
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    DarinCraft is cool with me.

    Unless I missed it, I've never seen an a-hole post from him.

    I think, through a series of PMs, I shall find some way to mess with him in a good-natured fashion.

    If any out there has an idea, PM me.:eek:
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    The immediate gun future.

    The Arizona stuff over the weekend started another cycle that long time gun owners will recognize.

    For new owners, here's what is coming....

    Back before the Presidential election, I saw the writing on the wall. The original Assault Weapons Ban had reached it's sunset, and evil black rifles were cheap. As soon as the Dems won, some rifles doubled in price, and ammo was impossible to find. The same Wolf 7.62 I got 100 for $20 a week before became 20 for $8.

    With McCarthy threatening a new gun control bill as early as today, expect a run on hi-cap mags and ammo.

    The lesson to the newer guys is to buy this stuff when the gun control threat is at it's ebb.
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    I'm glad you covered the spelling/grammar issue as it's a pet peeve of mine.

    First, if it's difficult to read - many of us won't take the time and effort.

    Second and more importantly - the gun haters of the world already consider us a bunch of stupid, illiterate, violent people. When your post looks illiterate - it plays right into their hands. If you think for a second that the gun haters don't cruise these forums looking for ammunition against us - you are terribly wrong.

    Call me a grammar Nazi if you wish but these are valid reasons to take the extra minute or two to make your post readable...
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    The first thing that came out about the douche in Arizona was his age.

    The second? His subliterate rantings.

    I don't judge people on their backgrounds, but when you reach out on a device that let's the whole world see you.....
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    AMEN Praise the FTF lord that is Benning.
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    If you are current or ex Army or Marines, you may skip this one.

    For everybody else, here's your assignment.

    I want you to find the best price you can on your favorite rifle round.

    Good. Now buy 1000.

    Okay. Now go to your nearest surplus shop, and ask for an ALICE pack. Don't buy it if it looks new, that's a knockoff. You want the faded one. Make sure it has a frame.

    Tell him you want 6, no, 9 MREs.

    Put your ammo and your food in the ALICE pack. Get some comfy boots, and depending on your local laws, that knife/crowbar thing you got at the gunshow.

    Now plot a 12 mile course, use Mapquest or Google maps.

    Print it...

    Start walking. I'll wait.
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    To help with the spelling issue both Chrome comes with a built in spell checker, Firefox has it for an add-in, and I believe Internet Explorer does to, I wouldn't know on that one though since I use that as little as possible. It helps a lot.
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    SHTF part deux

    You're back? good.

    Take those boots off, you want some Neosporin and some moleskin. Don't worry, it's not made from real moles.

    Put on those slippers.

    Off to the gun shop. You're asking for a .22 rifle now. Actually, your back and knees are asking for it.
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    Let me be clear, we aren't asking for perfection. Not even close.

    Spell a word wrong? To me, not a big deal.

    More than one individual has done a post with no caps, no punctuation, no spaces.

    I think Davy posted that university study where they scrambled letters in a paragraph, and I found that easier to read than these posts.

    I think Tango addressed one, where he replied in a giant run-on sentence, hilarious stuff.
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    BB, Thumbs up! For Thou speaketh the Truth!
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    BB, great post!

    It really puts things into perspective. How people are perceived and how they perceive themselves. It's a funny thing how we judge ourselves based on our intentions and judge others on what they say or do.

    I say some just need to relax. If you find people on the internet getting to you, then you need to take some time away from the internet and do something productive.

    A+ for BB. :)
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    Rants you say??

    Okay. I have a couple that are tied together

    The .308 is NOT a 1,000 yard SNIPER ROUND.

    The Dragunov is NOT the ultimate SNIPER WEAPON. Neither is the off the shelf, PRODUCTION MODEL, out of the box ANYTHING! I don't care who's name is on the side.

    Shooting a group at 200-300 yards that clearly shows horizontal stringing, most likely due to wind, but claiming there are 5 shots in what is clearly three holes DOES NOT make you a god damn SNIPER, nor does it even make you a shooter.

    If you don't know the difference between a PIG & a HOG, you are not a SNIPER.

    If you spent time at a forum known to have SNIPER in the title and has a lot of snipers that post there, DOES NOT make you a SNIPER, nor does it make you an expert on modern small arms.

    Most SNIPERS are not even experts on modern small arms. They have an infinite amount of knowledge on THEIR weapon of choice, because that is their job. There is a VERY good chance they can pick up any boltgun or semi auto and ring a gong with it because of their training. That DOES NOT mean they are the end all, beat all authority when it comes to modern weapon platforms.

    If you have a friend with 1100 confirmed kills who also happens to be on some shooting team that sponsor's him and he somehow taught you the infinite wisdom of his one favorite cartidge, shooting vast distances with the accuracy of the Gods, that DOES NOT MAKE YOU A SNIPER!!

    1,000 yard shooting is NOT A SNIPER MEASURING STICK! If so, the entire benchrest shooting world are snipers and half of them have weapons so heavy they have to pull them from the truck in pieces and assemble them on the bench before the competition. :rolleyes:

    Buying a $14,000 Chey Tac Intervention System WILL NOT make you a sniper.

    If you have never shot at 100 yards before, you are not going to buy a weapon and suddenly start shooting circles around people at 1,000 yards.

    Shooting for accuracy at 1,000 yards is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Bar none. In the grand scheme of shooters who do that on a regular basis, I SUCK AT IT, and I assure you that I have spent more on my set of long range equipment than your $1500 budget. A LOT MORE.

    Please, FOR THE LOVE OF ODIN, do some reading, have some application time under your belt and know the material before you start making wild assed claims of being one of the best shooters that NO ONE has ever heard of. :mad:
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    The Emoticon

    "What do you think, Tango?" Benny pressed. He had just decanted a lovely Amarone. A delicious drop.

    Tango eyed it, swirled gently, looking for cling on his glass. Nose now deep in the glass, heady bouquet. A taste.

    "Excellent, old boy. Really well done, Benny." Another taste. "You know, it tastes like your mothers *****!"

    Benny drops an eyebrow, Tango makes a silly face, and sticks out his tongue.

    The two laugh, and share cigars.

    Violence is averted in this story, because the two are face to face, and I can see Tango's intentions as well as hear his words.

    Not so on the interwebz. Or could it be?

    Those little faces to the right. Click on one. It conveys emotion that clarifies ambiguous statements.

    There's a difference between:

    "I'll kick your azz!":mad:


    "I'll kick your azz!";)

    Seems trite, but I've seen more than one post where flaming was afoot, and one poster says, "Dude, did you see my emoticon?"
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    Yeah without the smilies, It could go from
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