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    Whats the difference between
    .22 caliber lead pellets versus real ammunition?
    This gun has variable force settings (multiple pumps) probably high pressure capabilities

    It says 800 fps muzzle velocity, what would that be on a real gun?

    What about other physics forces like weight behind the bullet
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    I would say the shape of the round and fps. They can be very accurate. Just look at the competition shooters, they are perty darn'd good. Those can get pretty pricey$$$$ I bought a Sheridan blue streak back in 1972.
    It is an excellent air rifle. If you are planning on getting one. I don't believe you could go wrong. btw-Benjamin puts out a good quality gun too.

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    The main thing to remember when comparing any air rifle to .22 rimfire is that although velocities may look similar,projectile weight is vastly different-A LOT higher for the powder driven version,which of course affects energy level.
    Air rifles has came a long way however,especially with the pressurized tank models.