Benelli Vinci

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by HenryACR, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. HenryACR

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    I'm looking for a workhorse semi-auto. The Benelli Vinci claims to have less recoil than any other shotgun. Anyone tried it out yet? Thanks gentlemen.
  2. Greebo

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    This is a post I had on another thread but I'll throw it out here for your opinion as well.

    I haven't tried the Vinci and I'll prob take flack for this since it's not a well like gun but personally I think it is a good gun, esp for a home defense item - I have the pardner pump compact - it's NEF's rip off of the Rem 870, I picked it up a while back for less then $200 and it has taken anything and everything I've put through it 00, #4 and slug so far all without issue and I've put quite a number of boxes of ammo through it....not a lot of finesse to it but as a home defense it has plenty of brute force and is very reliable and IMO not badly put together at all for a cheap gun kicks like a mule tho.

  3. R-BOLT

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    I would let them be out on the market another year or two, if you really want to know how they work and hold up befor you purchase.. I bought a SBEII and am only OK with it. It is very fussy about being cleaned and lubed, which is just the opposite of all the BS you hear about them. Stomp them in the mud and shoot your limit of ducks and geese - pure BS from my experience. Mine is used every weekend upland game and dust is just a killer on letting the gun cycle. I have pulled it up many times just to get a click. I keep my shotty pretty darn clean and use very good ammo thru it and have fought the dumb thing for about three years now. It has the plastic stock with the rubber wedges in it, I can not feel that it does anything for recoil, more Benelli smoke and mirrors. I have enough $$$ in it, I am pretty well stuck with it for my work horse.