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Benelli Practice

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Shotgun Artistry

Tim Bradley is a retired U.S. Navy SEAL. Some time ago, one of his buddies videotaped him throwing a golf ball in the air, then keeping it in the air with a .22 pistol until the magazine was empty!

The tape was sent to Bennelli (Beretta's parent company) for review. Bradley now has his own TV show, and tours with Tom Knapp exhibition shooting. His first 5-year contract was inked a year ago for an undisclosed amount.

He is considered the best shot in history, and the contract with Beretta is believed to be well over a million dollars a year.

As you watch the attached video, notice the number of times he fires the shotgun "one-handed". We are talking with the new design no
recoil. Last but not least: 12 on-target shots in 1.73 seconds? Well, seeing is believing!
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A 'new design" Benelli with no recoil, now THAT is news.
Tim is indeed an excellent shot, and a good public face for Benelli. So was Tom Knapp before they fired him when he got sick.
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