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Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by jeeper53, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. jeeper53

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    Just bought a Benelli Nova 12ga pump. I had an older 870 that I sold years ago and just felt like I wanted another pump. Looked over the selection and decided on the Nova. Anyone care to comment I'd especially like to hear from those who own this gun. I did consider the Supernova but stuck with the less costly Nova. So please feel free to comment good or bad it's OK just like to hear from the experts. Thanks everyone.
  2. jdnossaman

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    I don't own a nova anymore but I used to own one and one of my good friends owns a supernova. I've shot them both and never really noticed any differences. The supernova probably cycles a little smother that the standard nova. But other than that depending on what you are doing with it the nova will be fine. Such as if you hunting and using it in the brush a lot you might not want to use the more expensive one, or if you are going to convert it to a one better designed for home defense. You will probably modify it anyway so if you can save a little money somewhere. Why not?

  3. sweepersrgr8

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    The Nova is a good shooting gun, but the forearm rattles, which may not make it choice for deer, or turkey. Mine doesn't like 2 3/4" shells, as they tend to jam up on rapid repeat shots. The butt stock is not replaceable in the nova.