Benelli Nova problems

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by GreyBeard, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. GreyBeard

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    I've just purchased a new Benelli Nova 20 gauge pump. It does not feed ammo from the magazine properly. The carrier seems to be sticking up enough to let the shell just drop out the bottom of the gun. Sometimes it just sticks enough to hold the shell in the magazine, and racking it hard a couple of times will either load the shell or dump it out the bottom.
    I've called Benelli, and their response was: "You'll have to mail it to us (at your expense) and we'll take a look at it". My expense is $60 dollars! Sixty bucks seems a bit extreme to get a brand new gun in working order.
    Any suggestions, (besides Trade it for a Remington)?
  2. Dillinger

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    Benelli is a good gun, but they have been known to be tempermental sometimes.

    Have you considered a step by step disassembly and inspection on your own?

    Is there a local smith that you trust to take a look at it for you?

  3. willshoum

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    Beneli Pump.....

    Call the Company, the Gun is under warranty and they may pay a local smith to fix the problem. It might need a couple of rounds and racking time to loosen up the parts. You should not have to pay for defects because of the Manufacturer. Good Luck.....
  4. GreyBeard

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    bad Benelli

    I've already tried all of the above, except asking the company to pay a gunsmith to fix it. I suppose I'll cal them back and ask that question. I did call Frank's (where I bought it) and they said they'd take care of sending it back for repairs. But I'd be without the gun for quite some time. There's not a gunsmith close by, but I expect I could find one within 50 miles should they Ok that.
  5. amoroque

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    I hear ya, its frustrating when somebody takes away your new toys. Sounds like either way it'll be gone for a bit. Here is the bright side, at least they are willing to take a look at it. Its better than a sharp stick in the eye! :)
  6. stalkingbear

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    I'm reasonably certain that Benelli won't authorize a local gunsmith to repair the shotgun UNLESS he's a Benelli authorized repair center. You'll have to send it back for warranty work sorry to say. In fact having your local smith fix it MAY void the warranty.
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