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Discussion in 'Company Review Forum' started by fordracing, Jun 29, 2017.

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    I'm sharing the love for Benelli Franchi customer service today. They took care of me when they didn't have to.
    In 2012 I bought a Franchi Fenice shotgun from Cabelas 28 ga. Used but unfired is what the salesman told me. Beautiful and lightweight gun for my wife to shoot clays with as she has shown an interest. I took it home and stripped and oiled it and put it in the safe.
    Never shot it until a month or so ago when my neighbors and I went to Wicens gun range and put 100 rounds through it. Immediately the walnut forend cracked. Was able to finish my day but I was bummed.
    I check Franchi warranty on the web which states 8 year for original owner. So I call Benelli ,who owns Franchi, and tell them my story. They state that my gun is 10 years old and I'm not the original owner but they can fix it for $78. They tell me to send in the entire firearm . I tried to get them to just send me the forend but they wouldn't. They want to match the stock as best they can.
    $52 for shipping and a few weeks go by and today it arrives back with the work slip. They say " forend broke at grain line- poor grain layout of forend. Replace forend under warranty. Staked ejector. Replaced friction ring assembly. Test fired- no malfunction. " 3hrs labor and 1- forend.
    And they payed for shipping back to me.
    I am very grateful and happy with the company and will be spreading the word.
    Also this year my 4 year old Sig P226 Scorpion stopped firing. I called Sig and they say send it in. The firing pin was wrong from the factory is what they told me. They covered the cost of shipping and the repair as well.
    So I have to give Sig Sauer some love today also
    I am very pleased with these companies and will always consider them for future purchases. [​IMG][​IMG]
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    How well did they match the stock?

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    They did a great job matching the stock. The old friction ring used to have a flat side and a tapered side one being for heavier loads. The new one has two flat sides. It's the 48AL model.