Benchmade CSKll Field Report

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    This knife has so far stood up to my tests as a survival/hunting knife.I spent the last 6 months ocassionally whacking down maple branches that were 1" thick,cut through them like butter,almost like there's less flex than in a stainless blade so it just would cut clean through in a straight line.All I did to prepare for deer season was to run it a few times on a sharpening steel.I had no problem field dressing my deer,seemed fairly easy,but my buddy was really impressed with it because he needed to skin his deer after it was hanging,so he grabbed mine,and mind you he has worked in butcher shops-and all I seen was it go through the skin from the chest all the way to the head,and he's like "holy crap,that's freaking sharp".It's way better than the Browning knife he has,still slices paper like it did when it came out of the box,and all i've doneto it was run it over a steel a few times and one a stone after hunting season,which it didn't really even need.It's a good knife in my book.

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