Ben Carson

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    If you aren't familiar with him, you might want to look him up. A man who came from modest beginnings who is now making a difference in the lives of children. We need men like this, we all could learn something from this man.

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    Wish Carson would have ran for President! A person with not only good honest principles but comments about the state the USA, but suggestions on solutions to solve them instead of blaming everyone else. O did not look to happy nor did he clap with the truth being spoken. Michelle clapped and smiled a considerable amount during the speech. That was a tremendous speech and no doubt he is a very educated and intelligent person. He would sure get my vote! Of course he would have to dump some of the idiots that are in office to get anything done. Congress and the administration have violated the law for the past three years and not even presented a budget. It is to be done once a year on or by a specified date.
    I was impressed with Dr. Carson to say the least! If anyone here has not viewed the video Google Dr. Carson Speech at Prayer Breakfast. Well worth seeing and listening to.