Belknap Model B-64

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    My wife recently revived a Belknap Model B-64 410 shotgun as a gift from her father. It was one she used as a girl so it has sentimental value to her. After checking out the cross reference thread (Thanks Cane!) it seems it's a Savage Model 67.

    Being I have never had any experience with either of the names of this 410 I was wondering if anyone out there had any experience with it. It seems to be in decent shape mechanically and it's not too dinged up. I don't care what it's worth as it wont leave here being it's history. I would like to know if it's any good or not I guess. I've had pretty good luck with older Savage shottys I'm thinking of taking it apart and restoring it but if it's not all that good to begin with then I'll just leave it as is and she can pop birds like her grand mother does with her Flintstone model 410 :D I honestly can't remember the model of granny's. It'll shoot though and it's really old.

    Added a pic, not real good but y'all can get an idea what I'm working with.

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    Savage made quite a few of these. They were not very high quality and the design was not the best. If her's works great, let her shoot it and enjoy it.

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    Sort of a vanilla shotgun. Not a world shaker, but a decent little pump gun. In .410, they go for about $225 or so when wearing a store brand.

    No reason not to clean it up, maybe refinish stock if it needs it. No great demand as a collector's gun, decent shooter. Go have fun with it.