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I posted this on another thread, but no replies.
I know this may be "old news" to some of you, but I need some information on a couple rifles.
They're nearly identical, except for the calibers.
Both bear the "FN" logo and "Action Made in Belgium".
Both were "Built" by me and my dad about 1968, with barreled actions, and "roughed out" stocks bought from a local gun shop.
We shaped and finished the stocks, set the actions / barrels into them, and added swivels, mounts, scopes etc.
They are Mauser bolt actions, blued, 24 inch barrels.
One is a .270, and the other is a .243.
The guns are beautiful as well as deadly accurate, but I need a value for insurance purposes.
They have no other trademarks, logos, or brand names.
Both of them have been well kept and are in excellent condition, and have been fired less than 100 times.
Any information / estimates of value would be appreciated.
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