Belgian FN 9mm from WWII

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  1. Aldonola

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    My grandfather was a POW in WW2 and when the guards left to flee the Russians, one of them gave his sidearm to him. It also has a nice holster to which the owner had added his paratrooper badge.
    The weapon has great sentimental value for me. I am thinking of letting an expert give it some TLC: replace the rear sight, overhaul it, etc. No cosmetic repairs. Any suggestions as to how select someone who will give it the care it deserves? I am keenly aware that a shoddy job can greatly lessen its historical/collector ineterest down the road.

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  2. sputnik1988

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    Br careful, sometimes even a professional job can lower the value.

  3. Olympus

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    Unless you're planning on shooting it, I would leave well-enough alone and just keep it the way it is. Keep good gun-related rust inhibitor on it to protect it from corrosion.

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  4. Jpyle

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    The person that advises you to leave it as is is the one you want to work with. Personally, I would do nothing other than preservation, changing anything from what it left the factory with will diminish value unless you are doing a full renovation. As a sentimental piece all it needs is a good lubrication and rust inhibitor. My opinion, save the repair money and put it towards a suitable storage case that will help keep it from rusting.
  5. Rick1967

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    I agree. Other than storing it with a good preservative I would not do a thing. You can always buy a cheap shooter if that is what you are wanting. If something happened to your gandpa's gun you might be able to find a similar one...but you would not have the story to go with it.

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  6. hiwall

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    In the picture it looks like it is missing the rear sight? If so you could get a sight put on the gun without hurting the value any (as long as they did nothing except install the sight in the existing dovetail).
  7. c3shooter

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    I THINK this is the rear sight you need for your Browning/ FN 1922.

    A competent pistol smith should be able to properly install a correct replacement sight for a few $$. BTW, you should be aware that if that is the gun i THINK it is, it is NOT 9mm Parabellum- it is a .380. In Europe it was called 9mm Kurz or 9mm Corto- means 9mm Short.

    And congratulations on having a nice bit of history. Use a good preservative, wipe with a soft clean cloth, and LEAVE IT ALONE!