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Discussion in 'Training & Safety' started by Squirrel, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. Squirrel

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    As a left handed and left eyed person I was wondering how other people with the same issue cope with the problems this causes. For example I have heard mention of there being a technique that would allow a left handed person to use a right handed bolt action rifle. In this thread I hope others will discuss techniques that allow them to use the "wrong" firearms, as well as which firearms and companies are amenable to lefties. Pictures describing what you are talking about probably will be almost a necessity.
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  2. opaww

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    I shoot both left and right handed and have always do so.

  3. orangello

    orangello New Member

    Wasn't the squad sniper in "Private Ryan" a lefty using a regular/righty bolt gun with an oldschool scope?

    I'm not sure how realistic that was, but it might spark some ideas.

    edit* If you ever need a shotgun, i noticed this the other day: no side port, bottom ejection
  4. robocop10mm

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    The Browning BPS is also bottom eject and a more robust action. The Ithaca's tend to be a bit fragile.
  5. Rick1967

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    I am a lefty. And I always shoot right handed guns with my left. I have several bolt actions that I simply reach across with my left hand to cycle the action.
  6. DrumJunkie

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    It's like everything else in the world you just adapt. There are left hand weapons out there but after all this time I really don't see a need to get one. I've used right handed weapons all my life and I'm afraid it would feel strange. I did put a left hand stock on one of my 10-22's though. It feels really nice but the controls are still the same. I have a friend that is trying to make a 1911 totally ambi. Even has a slide release on the other side. But really for me other than an ambi safety on a 1911 I really don't have the troubles I've read about in some articles like spent cases hitting me or anything. I do shoot both left and right handed though. It seems a good thing to do no matter what your strong side is.

    For those inclined there are more left hand friendly weapons out there. It just seemed natural for me to adapt like I have most other things out there. I always thought it was funny that they gave us those crappy "lefty" scissors when I was in school I guess they were afraid I would cut my head off and couldn't be trusted with a pair that could actually cut something.:rolleyes:
  7. doctherock

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    I am a lefty but trained my mind to be ambidextrous. Hell I cant throw a ball with my left though, looks like a girl throw. I can shoot rifle marksman left or right, handle pistol better right handed as well.
  8. Benning Boy

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    We don't want your kind around here! If socialism is your cup of tea, fine, but we're God-fearing Righties here, with conservative principles and beliefs!

    Oh, left handed.:eek:

    The only issue it's ever been for me is mag releases. An occasional piece of brass down the shirt from ARs, but I can cycle a bolt just as fast with my left hand as the right handed guy can with th e same rifle.

    Pistols today are more and more ambi.
  9. Rick1967

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    I recently bought a Bersa Thunder Ultra Compact Pro. It's a 45 ACP. It is truly ambi. Safety on both sides, slide release on both sides. The mag release is reversible. I don't use the slide release anyway. I have practiced with it so I know I could if I had to. But I try to be inthe habit of pulling back on the slide. I feel that if I had to grab someone elses gun in an emergency it would be better to grab the slide than to look for the release.
  10. safedman

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    Same here

    I am a lefty and have shot right handed bolts exclusivly. I never wanted to pay the extra for left handed guns. Never has been a problem, shoulder, sight and fire the weapon, Right hand stays on forearm of stock, lower tip of barrel barrel slightly, roll the stock to the left, reach across with your left hand rack the bolt re-engage face to stock and fire...
    Doing it all my life if I had a left handed rifle I would be looking for the bolt on the right.
    I now shoot a TC Prohunter all the time and think it's the cats azz
  11. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    Just picked up a vintage 1946 Remington 241 Speedmaster (22 LR) for my left handed grandson. About an hour ago. Ejects out the bottom. I think he weill like it.