Beginning hunter?

Discussion in 'Arizona Gun Forum' started by Rugers9, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Rugers9

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    I have never hunted big and I'm a desert native. What are some things I should do or try to get a buck my first trip out?
  2. EagleSix

    EagleSix New Member

    You may want to start by getting online with the Arizona Game and Fish Department. They have a wealth of information.

    Then, start hunting now. Off season is different from in season, but if you can't find deer in the off season, most likely you will struggle to find them during the season.

    Best Regards......Eagle Six

  3. LarryWMcneely

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    First Thing is what unit did you get drawn for? , Then is it whitetail or mule deer? and what time of year is your hunt? . Eagle Six is right , AZ game and fish will have the best info on your unit as to where the highest concentrations of deer will be whether it is whitetail or mulie in each unit and they give a pretty good general idea of how to hunt them . Time of year and location is important because of the rut ,water , food and so on . Good optics and allot of time spent scouting befor the hunt is also very helpful because the more time you spend looking the better the chance of finding what you are looking for LOL .