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    I was there years ago when stationed in Germany, the drive to Brugge was slow, the area is beautiful and besides beer lovers dream, also chocolate too!

    This is the Beer Store in Brugge Belgium, pulled from net:

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    Ah, beer. I enjoyed the hell out of myself when I was in Germany while in the Army. I wasn't much of a beer drinker until I made that trip. The beer in Germany was outstanding, to say the least. And, because I spoke German, I got into a lot of interesting discussions, mainly politics with the other young folks in the bars, not to mention getting into bars where many times they didn't welcome U.S. military types. Sometime within the next several years, I'm planning to take a vacation to Deutschland and visit some of the areas I couldn't back in 76 - 78.
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    The very reason I brew! 10 gallons of American Pale in the fermenter as of 5:30PM yesterday. Started the brew day at 9:30AM.....yup, it took all day; but I'm happy!!