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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Wheeler, Oct 25, 2012.

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    Just a note to let everyone know I've been away for awhile. Got a note on my email to drop in and give an update, so here I am.

    Some months back, I was feeling just fine. Did some painting in the house, cut the grass, cleaned a few of my firearms and in general had a nice day. Had a nice dinner. My wife of 34 years is from Burma (raised in England) and if you're familiar with Thai food, and like it (nice and spicey hot), you'll understaand what I mean by having a nice dinner.

    Went to bed and woke up the next morning ready to get some 'honey do's' done. That's when the pain hit me in both hands, went up my arms into the soft tissue, all the way to my shoulder. Couldn't even open the toothpaste tube.

    Went to the sawbones, had an xray and was referred to a hand surgeon. More xrays showed a total lack of cartilage at the base of each thumb by the wrist and internal scar tissue damage along with misalignment of my wrist bones. Just bone on bone and wear and tear damaged the nerves extensively. The surprise was yet to come. The doc said the damage appeared to start when I broke my wrists............HUH??? Didn't have a clue. There is also extensive calcium build up where the bones had knitted some time ago but were misaligned, causing the domino effect and consequent near inability to shoot anything but my smallest caliber pistols and that not very often until after my soon to be surgery.

    Thing is, I never recall having both bones in each wrist broken. The only thing I remember doing to my hands was a fall while in Staging Battalion back in 1969 at Camp Pendelton in California. You Marines who went 'in country' will remember 'Staging Battalion. My wrists were sore (hurt like hell), but an ace bandage seemed to take care of both of them. As for not feeling much pain, I also didn't know I had acute appendicitis back in 1981 and THAT one almost killed me.

    Anyway, that's where I've been. Pretty non-productive for awhile and I'm sure my Love will be glad when I can get back to the 'Honey Do' list.

    Semper Fidelis.................
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  2. Mosin

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    Every Marine I know has some pain, goes to the doctor, and finds out that they broke something in the past but never realized it. Too funny, you guys really are tough.
    Get better, welcome back, and I want to thank you for your service, it IS appreciated.

  3. trip286

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    Welcome back man.
  4. Axxe55

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    welcome back Wheeler and get to feeling better! you got them honey do's to do!:D
  5. WebleyFosbery38

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    Damn, at least in the army they gave us a bag of Motrin to ease the pain! So sorry to hear that Wheeler, that truly sucks. first question, did you go on sick call? Hope so and hope its in your records, if so, make the military pay for the repairs!
  6. Wheeler

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    Unfortunately, I'm already on Ibuprophen 800 mg, three times a day, courtesy of a broken back (three places), fractured skull, near loss of my right leg, shrapnel in the same leg, and a few other 'trophies' I picked up along the way, on top of the hand issue.

    And here I used to just LOVE playing in the mud like a little kid and getting paid for it...................:D.

    Would I do it all over again?? Absolutely. I was honored to have had the privilege