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Been checking out..

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A Sig P226. Just a fun gun to be shooting around. Any one have one? What are your thoughts on it?
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I got a P228 that I carried for years. Great weapon. Very well built.

*And the rest of this has been deleted because I am a moron...*

A SIG makes a statement. It's like driving a BMW. Those who don't, just can't understand.
I have a P226 in .40 S&W. I probably have about 6-700 rounds through it so far, and I'm very happy with it. I especially like the weight of it compared to many of the plastic guns. Feels more solid, and I think it manages the recoil better.
MOS, 2/17/09

I have a number of Sigs (220ST, 245, 228, 239) and have shot the 226. Sigs are reliable and accurate out of the box and should last a lifetime with minimal care. The 226 is the full size so is a great range or house gun, but a little big if you want to carry it. The 228 is the mid size 9mm, the 239 the compact. It is really hard to go wrong with a 226.

Dillinger- I see you mentioned buying a 226 in .45 caliber. I haven't seen them in a .45- mainly the 220's and 245's are both .45's. A 226 in .45 sounds interesting.

best wishes- oldandslow
Twice on Tuesdays

I think ole JD misspoke, happens to the best of us. The P220 is essentially the .45 P226. They are nearly identical except for the single stack magazine of P220 instead of the double-stack 9mm/.40/.357SIG of the P226.

Both are super weapons that have been battle tested with years of service in military & law enforcement. I carried the P220 and prefer the slimmer grip of the single-stack, but I think you will be well pleased if you decide to purchase a P226. My choice would probably be the 9mm because it is the original chambering for the gun, as well as cost and availability of ammunition.

I really like the two-tone because I think it looks sweet. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol used to issue the P220 in two-tone, but went with all black guns when they transitioned to P226 in .357SIG a couple years ago.

Here is a P228 like JD carried, with the two-tone finish (although my 220 and the OHP guns didn't have the sweet wood stocks).
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You are both correct - I got the 226 and the 220 mixed up in a Thera-Flu & Nyquil Induced pre-coma last night.....This year's rash of cubicle spread flu is kicking my ***..... Bad mod, Bad mod....

The P-220 and P-226 are (IMHO) the best guns Sig ever made. Simple, repiable, accurate, easily maintained.
Along with this, I've been checking into the Glock 20. I've been watching many videos and getting lots of reviews about this being a pretty nice choice. I remember the sig being compared to the Glock 17 and both being real similar. The only negative was the calibers. Is is a real big difference between a 9mm and a 10mm?
You are both correct - I got the 226 and the 220 mixed up in a Thera-Flu & Nyquil Induced pre-coma last night.....This year's rash of cubicle spread flu is kicking my ***..... Bad mod, Bad mod....


I think it is that hairy mini-phallus you have staring back at you from your avatar. He is messing you up in the brain.
MOS, 2/19/09

You ask about the Glocks and whether their is much difference between the 9mm and 10mm round.

First- Glocks are great pistols: reliable, accurate and reasonably priced. You need to try one first to see if the polymer feel of the Glock and the different grip angle fit you personally. While they don't "feel right" to me for many people they are a great option.

Second- their is a big difference between a 10mm and 9mm round, more than just the different size. In general the 10mm has much more recoil and is much more expensive to shoot. If you are looking at doing a lot of shooting the 9mm is the way to go. And lastly, if you are serious about Glocks look at the model 19. It is mid-size, high capacity, light and good for both range and carry duties. Good luck.

best wishes- oldandslow
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Man of Steel, Do not buy the Sig! If you do, you will believe almost all other pistols inferior. You will be right ,of course, and you will have a terrific firearm.
Well seems like I cant go wrong either way. I'm gonna head to a dealer when I have some off time and get a feel for each of them. I guess thats pretty much going to be the tipping point. Thanks for all of your input guys
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