Bedding- Right, Wrong Or Otherwise

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by jeepcreep927, Jan 13, 2010.

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    Just getting ready to bed my low buck Stevens 200. I scammed a B&C A2 stock and am awaiting the new Douglass XX barrel in .222 from Sharp Shooter Supply. I went cheapo and am going totop it off with a Weaver 6-18 variable in lapped Burris XTreme rings with a Warne one piece steel mount. I thought that might stiffen up the actiona bit.

    This is not a target gun obviously, I just want an accurate mid range (inside 250 yards) crow and woodchuck thumper.

    I was looking for experiences using Devcon versus Marine Tex, and the benefits or draw backs of bedding the tang. I've read a ton of differing opinions on where to bed and was wondering what has worked out for you all. I had planned on doing the action walls and foot print, recoil lug which is a thicker piece from SSS, and the first three inches of the barrel. not sure now after reading conflicting reports.
    Thanks in advance.
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    KB I do it all-including the tang, full action area, recoil lug, and 1st couple inches of barrel. Use a Dremel to "hog" out the areas slightly before bedding-while still maintaining the same height in the stock. I use Acraglas Gel from Brownells exclusively. I'm betting if you try it you'll be sold on it as well. I order it by the shop tubs. Have you thought about pillar bedding it as well? I'm here if you have any specific questions or problems. Be SURE to use enough release agent.