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  1. i recently turned 18 and now that im a legal adult i own a rifle and am in the process of buying my first shotgun. i have acess to my rifle and have live ammunition in my room and its an odd feeling. i shoot for fun but knowing that someday i might have to protect my country and family is sobering to say the least. i used to dabble in drugs in my early teens and was on the wrong path but now im a christain and hope to marry the love of my life in 2 years. when i was 15 i realized smoking pot and owning firearms in the future could not exist together because that would be very irresponsible so i made the right choice for me. "when all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail" when i was younger i used to imagine a bad guy coming in the house and me valiantly defending my family from this "goblin" , but now i realize thats a serious and scary thing. i hope if the oppurtunity ever presents it self to defend me and my family i dont hesitate and make the right choice but i wish i could go my whole life with out ever having to pull the trigger on anything but paper and the ocassional slightly filled propane tank (200+ yards out of course =) w/ tracers ). A lot to think about when becoming a man and i think somones first firearm makes that transition more obvious, but one should never be foolish or a hero. i hope my sons grow to be moral, logical human beings.
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    I disagree, a hero is someone who puts themselves at risk in the defense of others. There is something honorable in that.
    If you want the title of hero then you are never going to get it. You will be courageous just so that people will think of you as a courageous person.
    A true hero in my mind, is a hero just because they don't know how to anything else.
    Just my opinion.

    Glad to see you change.
    Drugs are bad, they ruin lives.
    Guns are good, they save lives.... unless you are a bad person/told to do bad things. ie The Last Samurai

  3. ^ i agree but i meant a foolsih imature hero type as in looking for a fight
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    Sounds like you've sorted out a lot of major points, and that's a very positive thing. Impulsiveness relegates itself to the understanding of consequences mainly through experience. Good men ARE born, but even they get their noses bloodied from time to time! :D