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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by WebleyFosbery38, Sep 27, 2012.

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    OK, Ive only been a supporting member for a little while but I have to say, its been a cheap, entertaining, enlightening and well worthwhile investment. For less than a brick of 22LR's (about 1 hour of plinking), you get a whole year of unfettered access to all that FTF has to Offer. Im a lifetime Shooter, Hunter and prior service but Im not collector, I don't have a huge Weapons Knowledge Base and Im far from being a doomsdayer. This site was perfect for me, while it does have its fair share of some of those, it also has just plain chatty and descent people generally with the same overlying mindset that the 2a is more important than just a couple sentences on an old piece of parchment.

    Lots of free members actually have some really great Sociological, Political and just plain humorous yet salacious points to make but you cant do that in the free forum for good reasons. If your not Invested, have nothing to lose because you've got nothing invested, Forums get bogged down and worthless due to bomb throwers and dips4its.

    You joined the NRA and 3 other orgs that you have very little voice in yet for less than the ticket to get shot at in a movie theater, you can sit home, have a cocktail, become one of the growing numbers of thoughtful voices of reason and do it all in the comfort of your home.

    You can do it many ways! Pay online (Not Me!), Send NOTDKU a check, Money Order or other legal tender or even write, submit and get published on the Main site a super good article pertaining to something we care about, if your selected, you get a free membership! What more could you ask for, you haven't signed up yet, what are you waiting for?

    The private areas of the site do contain super secrets, inside scoops and interactions that are nearly as fun as a 50cal on Rock and Roll (well, maybe I overstated that one)! You can write about nearly anything in these places as long as you follow a few simple rules, No Profanity (Sometimes we get creative with symbols), No illegal enterprises or promotion of illegal activities, display respect, have a good sense of humor and thick skin (there's some other TOS's but nothing too shocking).

    Do it now, show your support to 2a in a way that no politician will deny, by fully participating via the 1A! I have not yet entered the section with the scantily clad women in it yet, even paying members must request in writing so as not to be shocked entering it by mistake but I'm told it alone is worth the paltry membership fee!

    See ya round the board

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    And now back to our regularly scheduled program.......

    Everything he said is true.