Beautiful women? Where?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by cnorman18, Aug 12, 2007.

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    (The only way this isn't totally off-topic is that it sometimes makes me want to shoot my TV.)

    Will someone please tell me who decided that Paris Hilton is so incredibly beautiful? I just don't see it. IMHO, she barely makes it to "pretty". WTF?

    Here's another: Sarah Jessica Parker. Her new perfume is called "Gorgeous" or something, and I think she's positively homely. Is it just me?

    Britney Spears, I'll admit, is at least "cute". But if she keeps up her drinkin' and dopin', in a few years she'll look like nine miles of bad road.

    Jaclyn Smith--now SHE was beautiful. And still is. I saw her on O'Reilly (!) not long ago, and she STILL puts any of this current crop of "beauties" in the shade. Pushing (or pulling) 60, and still jaw-droppingly, stunningly beautiful. Now THAT'S a face.

    Whatever happened to the GREAT faces? Like Ingrid Bergman, Elizabeth Taylor, and Judy Garland?

    Am I right, or have our tastes in beauty declined along with our tastes in everything else?
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    My Father in Law thinks Sarah Jessica Parker is really a man.

    One person I find very unattractive that I seem to be a minorty on is Jessica Simpson. She has such a man face.

  3. ScottG

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    The faces got old and died.

    Of course tastes change. Hilton isn't very good looking, neither is horseface Parker. Many of the old timers had makeup artists who kept them looking good. The studios made sure no one appeared in housedresses in public.

    Today most of the hollywood types go around purposely looking like they lost a fight with a cat. They no longer have star power, the destruction of the studio system freed them artistically, but it ruined them physically. Also remember, most of today's icons are ill educated, low class boors. They don't know how to take care of themselves or behave in public.
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    Excellent comment! And as a mother of a 14-yr old daughter, I'm horrified when some of these girls try call themselves "role models". God Forbid!!!!! :eek:
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    I agree. Here's one underated actress that I think is very attractive:

    Catherine Bell.