Beautiful weather for shooting!!

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by Zacsquatch, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. Zacsquatch

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    It was sunny and -20 today so I loaded up my 8 mags for my sig 522 and headed out. If was combat shooting today, only 3 open tables out of 30 or so. Yes this is an outdoors range. I was popping pop cans at 50 yards with my new lil NCstar mini red dot. Had one misfeed... first in 600 rounds, all at subzero temps.. Pretty damb impressive if I do say so myself. Also shot my new to me FIE 6 shooter double action. Nice lil gun, traded 120 rounds of 308 for it.

    Sorry no pics, haha.
  2. spraynpray

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    I was out yesterday 50 degrees in KY with cloudy skies. I also picked up a Sig522. I love this gun, mine has a Bushnell trophy red dot. I was so happy that the bulk pack ammo works like a dream.