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    Walking out the front door forfeits any claim to self defense.
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    Depends upon the "rest of the story" - veracity of witnesses, statutes of the incident location, and what investigators learn. A statement to the effect of "I wasn't afraid" negates self-defense in many cases. Facing a group of three challengers took courage. Courage doesn't happen without fear for overcoming fear is what determines courage.

    "Pardon me, Sport, you're standing right where I intend to shoot."
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    Locutus, Manta lives in a small country where the two religious groups that front the politics - Protestantism for Unionist and Roman Catholicism for Nationalists - have been killing and maiming each other, and those trying to make peace between them, on and off since around the late 1600's. Between 1969 and 1995, almost five thousand were killed, and tens of thousands maimed by opposing factions. Let's be facing it, if civilised people can do that to each other with just TWO opposing points of view, there is no point in belabouring him because the USA has the far greater 'diversity' offered by a huge black population, and a equally disproportionate Jewish population, plus Hispanics, Asians of one kind or another, and local indigenous populations who have been there since they walked across from Siberia a while back.

    Manta is probably neither black nor Jewish - both are extremely rare in Northern Ireland - and I have no intention of asking him which foot he kicks a ball with - a local expression that allegedly determines what element of Christianity floats your boat. When I spent time over there, I was an object of curiosity among those whom I met during my work - a Jew called Foley? Just how odd was that?

    I was armed 24/7 - so are the police - the only routinely-armed police in the entire UK - every single one of them, not just the firearms teams.

    So it's really not diversity that is a problem, it's intolerance of the diversity that is the problem.
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    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand here we go again..........

    Man ordered into Belfast house and shot in presence of four children
    Victim suffers thigh wound after two masked men direct him to home on Ardglen Place
    Sun, Feb 16, 2020, 13:57
    Gerry Moriarty

    A man is being treated for a gunshot wound in Belfast after being ordered to go to an address in the city where he was shot in the presence of a woman and four children. File photograph: EPA.

    A man is being treated for a gunshot wound in Belfast after being ordered into a house in the city and shot in the presence of a woman and four children.

    The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) said the victim, who is in his 30s, was approached while walking on Saturday night in the Jamaica Road area by two men who directed him to a nearby address at Ardglen Place, where he was shot in the thigh.

    The two suspects left the property, and the man was taken to hospital.

    “This was a savage attack carried out by two masked men who showed no regard for the other people who were present in the house, which included a woman and four children under the age of 16,” Det Insp Andrew George said.

    “There is no doubt the merciless actions of the thugs responsible will have left them all traumatised.

    “Those who are involved in these attacks do not represent the interests of this community, nor do they contribute anything to it. Nothing gives these people the right to violate the human rights of people, and their actions should be condemned by all.”

    Lines of enquiry
    Det Insp George said the PSNI was investigating a number of lines of inquiry.

    The gunman is described as being between 5ft 9in and 5ft 11in in height and in his late 40s or early 50s. He was wearing black trousers, a black coat and a black peaked hat. The second suspect is described as being taller than the other suspect and was wearing a peaked cap.

    “I want to appeal to anyone with any information to pick up the phone and tell us what you know. If you were in the Ardglen Parade/Jamaica Road area last night, at a round 10.35pm, call our detectives at Musgrave on 101 quoting reference number 1893 of 15/02/20,” Det Insp George said.

    “Information can also be given anonymously through the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”
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    Nothing new paramilitary violence continues, just at a much lower level. For example in the bad old days, bomb attacks in one year.

    '158 security-related deaths' since Good Friday Agreement ...
    upload_2020-2-17_23-12-10.png › news › uk-northern-ireland-43862294

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