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Discussion in 'Training & Safety' started by Rentacop, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. blueeagle1973

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    Absolutely sickening!
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  2. RJF22553

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    One of the many reasons I CC. With spare mags! Am a cancer patient who is fairly weak due to meds and cannot go one-on-one (or two-on-one) without getting my brains bashed in. The ole "Colt made them equal" very much applies here.
  3. JTJ

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    Seniors have been attacked without warning by individuals going for a 1 punch knockdown while they get recorded on video. Cowards all attacking only individuals that can not fight back. The Antifa Fascists have had several incidents of blocking, threatening and attacking seniors.
  4. JTJ

    JTJ Well-Known Member Supporter

    In California homeless people are attacking people because they can get away with it. One attacker is schizophrenic and is deemed unfit to stand trial so they drove him back to the same area and turned him loose. Now he can hit as many people as he wants and nothing will be done.
    California is an insane asylum and the inmates are running it.
  5. locutus

    locutus Well-Known Member Supporter

    These incidents are racial. no amount of apologetics can change that.
  6. bluez

    bluez Well-Known Member

    Agreed. which is the reason the media as an Avatar for the left doesnt connect any dots .. when they call just about everything that isn't an "epidemic of" about all except the most spectacular ones.
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  7. RJF22553

    RJF22553 Well-Known Member

    A self-defense bullet has no racism. It only defends.
  8. manta

    manta Well-Known Member Supporter

    Nothing new, more are recorded now and posted on social media.
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  9. towboater

    towboater Well-Known Member

    The media reports one sided.
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  10. c3shooter

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    Dayum! I would be forced to go shopping, and buy myself another walking stick.

    After I wrapped my first one around the neck of the punk that decided to try me on. [​IMG]
  11. RJF22553

    RJF22553 Well-Known Member

    I'm no longer up to hand-to-hand combat - even with a cane (which I don't currently carry). Mr. Bersa is my only savior should the unthinkable happen to me or my Beloved.
  12. freefall

    freefall Well-Known Member

    I have a walking stick made from a post-hole digger handle, basically a 4'x1 1/4" chunk of hickory.
    If anybody takes that away from me, I'm shooting.
  13. PeeJay1313

    PeeJay1313 Well-Known Member Supporter

    Let them be warned...
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  14. TheDreadnought

    TheDreadnought Active Member

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  15. kfox75

    kfox75 Well-Known Member Supporter

    White on black violence as well for that matter. Personally, I don't see color, so violence is violence, regardless of whi is attacked, or does the attacking.

    An earlier poster brought up the "Knock Out Game", something I have a bit of first hand experience with. Back when it was the new thing, I was walking through one of the malls out near Rochester NY, when someone started acting a bit "off", as he and his friends were approaching. He then moved from near the center of the group, to the outside, on my side, of said group. It didn't take a rocket scientist to see what was coming at that point, at least on my end.

    He stepped in, and swung, I side stepped, and used my momentum to place an elbow into his right temple. Instant rag doll. My wife had already picked up on my hinting something was off, and had put distance between me and her and our daughter, so they were out of the way, in case things went further south.

    Only one of his three friends felt froggy, and stepped in after the other two went to help him back up. That lasted long enough for my to take out his right knee, and drop him like a bad habit. At that point, I just kept walking, met up with my family, and we got out while we still could. NY's SD laws sucked back then, compared to what they are now, and the local laws were worse, so I really didn't want to be there when LE and EMS showed up.

    Am I still capable of doing something similar now? Yes, but I am further limited as I did this before my amputations. My problem, or more precisely, someone else's problem, has always been that I look like an easy target because of how I'm built, and the fact that I have a limp. What they don't see is what happens when you grow up in towns near military bases, and a re taught by marines, when it comes to fighting. Something you get a lot of practice at in those towns. Reading certain tells, body language, things like that, make it real easy to win the fight by avoiding it when possible, which is what kept me from getting hit that night.

    Years of training, practice, and sparring with dad and my friends, did the rest, as did their over confidence.

    The simple answer to not getting beat down? Avoid places and situations where it is more likely when possible, and be vigilant whne out in public. Don't place yourself somewhere that you are alone, with a group coming towards you goes a long way towards keeping you safe as well, IE, always have an exit. If that fails, all you can really do is as much damage as you can, as quickly as you can, and hope they have sense enough to retreat, once they know you will fight back.
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  16. hairbear1

    hairbear1 Well-Known Member

    There's nothing like a bunch of gutless bastards going 2+-1 and thinking it's fun but then when said victim pulls a gun and initiates attitude adjustment and a couple of these 'heroes' suddenly find themselves looking at daisy's from underneath with a pine overcoat then the fun suddenly goes out of it.
    The funny part is when the family of the dead****s start saying they were nice boys and wouldn't do such a thing is when you just start shaking your head because you and thousands of others know that this wouldn't have happened if the idiots weren't being crash test dummies for a bullet.
  17. OLD Ron

    OLD Ron Well-Known Member

    People looking for trouble can always find it .
    If they had to work to eat ..... wouldn't have the time or energy to get into much . Bring back chain gangs & that will help . At least that would help them learn how to work . Work farms supported themselves . The few are supporting way to many that don't work . And we don't have a choice .
    Well that was a depressing thought ...... need to be thinking about the Swedish volleyball team .
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  18. locutus

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    You mean poor underprivileged victims of social oppression actually getting a job????

    MAN!!! You really are a hard line RACIST aren't you????:rolleyes::rolleyes:
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