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Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by tapout155, Jun 19, 2011.

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    I am sort of new to handguns but have always hunted and shot long guns. I own a Ruger p95. I bought it just to tool around with and have a little fun. I have decided i would like to have a gun with a little more power than a 9mm. I have a buddy that keeps wanting to trade me a Rossi snub nose 357 for my Ruger p95. Is this a good or atleast a lateral trade. Or would i be a fool for doing it? The Rossi hasnt been shot alot and is pretty new. I know they have a lifetime warranty no matter if you're the first or 5th owner but i have also heard it's like pulling teeth to get them to warranty their guns sometimes. So is this a acceptable trade?
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    I personally wouldn't trade a P95 for a Rossi .357, a Taurus maybe but not a Rossi. I wasn't even aware that Rossi made a .357, but then I never look at Rossi revolvers. I had a Rossi .38 about 25 years ago and wasn't very impressed with it. The trigger pull was horrible on it. It may have just been a lemon, but I haven't cared to find out by getting another one just to find out.

    If I were you, I'd look for somebody who had a Ruger .40 or .45 and wanted to trade for a 9mm. If you're interested in trading for the .357, I'd suggest shooting it and if you like how it shoots. If you're happy with it, trade him for it.

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    Hi my friends call me Bear (seriously they really do) but I wouldn't trade a 9MM semi auto for a 357 mag snub nose. For one the 9mm is probably more accurate, two I owned a snub nose for about three weeks hated the damn thing only good for feet not really yards. My M9 I've hit targets at 20 yards accurately can't really do that with a snub nose. I have a Taurus model 66 in 357 mag 5 1/2 inch barrel accurate powerful and a good shooter.

    Some people are different you might shoot it and fall in love with it, this is just opinion.
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    Maybe consider a 1911A1?

    Just another opinion...
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    I own a P95 and I own a Rossi with a longer barrel in .357. I've never had issues with either but I wouldn't trade my P95 for any Rossi. 9mm will serve you well expecially if your new to pistols. IMHO snub nose revolvers are for those that have a lot of experience with pistols, difficult to get a second shot on target if you haven't learned the basics and practic often. I CC a snub nose S&W for causual carry and it's one I have to practice with often to be profecient with it.

    What is the intent of your need for your next pistol> Target, Home defense, Conseal carry? The pistol you have fits most of those exect for conseal carry. With that information it might help us direct you to a pistol suited for your need. Also what's your budget?

    Keep the Ruger and pass on the Rossi