Bear Vs Wolf

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    Went to the range yesterday I'll post pics with a range report when I get home, the first box of shell that I bought where Silver Bear 7.62x54R fired it shot well none of the sticky bolt syndrom that other Mosins might get. Yesterday I went and bought a box of wolfs, first thing I noticed the cases looked straight up like they where steel and didn't have the red sealing stuff on it. I was thinking that there was going to be no problems at all they shot just as straight as the bear. But when I started shooting the Bear went without a hitch as where the wolf after every shot I had to smack the bolt handle just to get them to eject and it was every shell made by wolf did it.

    I need to get some mil surplus and see if it does it as well or if my rifle is a picky shooter.
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    Commas, capital letters, and periods are your friends.
    Were both brands using steel cases? Did the Bear primers look different than the Wolf?
    I don't shoot ammo that gives me a sticky bolt lift. Unless every round, even rounds loaded light, give a stiff bolt lift (in which case, there is a problem with your rifle), then I see a stiff bolt life as suggesting that pressures are too high for that specific rifle.
    Even if they are not over pressure in your rifle, I would stick to milsurp that does not cause me to get frustrated at the range.
    Of course, you could try rolling your own, but I would assume that the Wolf and Bear brands are priced such that you see no reason to spend time and money to reload.