"BEAR COAT" Firearms Finishes

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    We offer the BEAR COAT All Weather Firearms Finishes that end rust & corrosion and are self-lubricating.

    Field tested in Alaska and South Africa by Cabela's....
    deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq in extreme conditions !

    We finish rifles, pistols, revolvers in 10 working days or less.

    We offer Black in flat, matte and glossy, Tiger stripe and random camo, colors available include Marine Corps Coyote Tan, brown, NATO green, Navy gray or any combo of these.

    Mention FirearmsTalk Forum for 10% discount ! Dealer and LEO discounts also available.

    See September Soldier of Fortune Magazine for a raving review or e-mail via website for a copy ! www.bearcoat.com
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    That is awesome. Someday I would love to do that to one of my guns. I just need to think of something cool and special and find the money to do it.