BDC... yes or no? Oh and some other questions.

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    I read an article that said that a Bullet Drop Reticle is not really necessary at less than 300 yds. My soon to be my rifle is a DPMS with a 20" heavy barrel so 300 yds shouldn't be an issue but mostly I'll be shooting 200 yds. I'm trying to decide on a scope and I've been thinking Leupold, Nikon, Bushnell or Burris. Have you seen all the reticles you can get?:eek: Jeez I feel like I'm researching a new car! Do you guys think a 3-9x X 40mm with a regular mil dot reticle would work well out to 200yds and maybe 300 yds.? Also I can conceivably spend about $600. What's the best for my money? Please help, my DPMS should be here soon (4 months and counting) and I'd like to have a scope ready to mount on it. Thanks in advance.
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    Why not just make a drop chart and learn how to click in to your target range. Then you don't have to deal with all that clutter in your FOV?

    That is what I do. I use an online calulator once I get my velocity, Sectional Density and other vital figures. Then make a small chart and laminate it and attach it to my rifle.

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    Supergus - I think the Mil-Dots time has come and gone. In this day and age, we have the ability to down load ballastic programs right to our phones for crying out loud.

    Throw in a very cheap golf "laser range finder" and you don't need a Mil Dot clogging up the target field to get on target quickly.

    I have one on my .308 because I wanted to force myself to learn the system - and having done that, I will probably get it changed out at some point because it's just not necessary anymore.

    A 3 x 9 is a good choice, but that 20" heavy barrel will have you wanting to stretch your range a bit, so I would suggest just a bit more powerful if you can spring for it. I don't know about you, but my eyesight is great and I still like to aim small and miss small. :p

    The best overall entry level ranging system I have seen is the Whore-us Vision reticle, but the damn thing is so busy to the eye, and the guy behind it is a FIRST CLASS A-HOLE, that I would never buy the damn thing! Jesus but that guy thinks he is the end all beat all in the world of firearms. I had one 20 minute conversation with him at SHOT in 2004 and I knew then and there what the definition of "ARROGANCE" was....

    I am in the scope market as well at the moment and I am leaning towards a Leupold Vari X II ( or III, I can't remember ) with their Varmint Reticle. It's not as busy as a mil dot and it allows several basic corrections for longer ranges ( 300 to 600 ) without having to do a bunch of math.

    There is another little trick that I am saving for the grand finale on my Mjolnir project, so I won't mention it here, but hit me up with a PM and when I get home tonight I will send you a link to a kick *** idea for a more personalized scope. :D

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    On my hunting rifles I use Nikon and Leupold. I love that Leupold. On my V-Match with a 20" barrel I loaded on a 6x24 NC Star that is working out quite nicely. Has all the bells and whistles plus a life time warranty for around $150.00 It's worth looking into.
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    Thanks for the helpful replies guys. JD, PM sent.
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    I remember seeing a scope that had a range-finder IN it with a little display that popped up inside the scope for ya...

    Anyone played with one of those yet?