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    (I'm becoming an AR nerd too)

    I'm getting ready to order for what seems destined to become a BCM/MOE build. Lightweight 16" middy on a Noveske chainsaw lower. Fixed front sight, and either a vanilla rear w/o optics or a flip rear with red dot.

    Two questions:

    1) I'm probably gonna add a little color to this gun. How well does the FDE BCM Gunfighter grip match up with similar MOE furniture? And what are the preferences for the BCM Mod 0 grip vs Mod 1?

    2) The Red-Dot. I'll be ordering a red dot either for this gun or another. Really trying to sort out Eotech vs Aimpoint vs Vortex options. The Vortex Strikefire seems to be a pretty solid option for about 30-40% the price of the other two. The only red dot I own is a basic $80 Millet on a cheaper AR...no complaints about it, just looking to upgrade on my next gun without feeling like I'm overspending just to land the trendiest "name".

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    BCM's FDE is slightly lighter than Magpul's...very slightly. which MOD to choose is a personal preference thing. Do you want the rear curve for the web of your hand (MOD 1) or without it (MOD 0)? As far as the optics go, if you are just going to take it to the range, then the Vortex will be just fine. If you plan on using the carbine hard and expect it to get a lot of abuse, I say go with Aimpoint or Eotech.

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    I have the magpul afg, pmags, and a CRT stock body on my BCM with the gunfighter grip all in FDE. I can't really tell a difference in color. As far as optics go, I have an eotech 512 and an Aimpoint T1 (T1 on my BCM.) I love the Aimpoint. I give my rifles hell and that's why I spend that kind of money on optics. They are that expensive and keep selling for a reason.