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    Went and saw this flick today. I thought it was goiing to be cheesy. Someone at work told me it was a cross between
    Independence Day (story line) and Transformers (fx/cg). It was a REALLY good movie. Not epic military movie great, but really good. If you take away the aliens from the battle scenes, it is very realistic looking and believable. I think they overplayed the being a Marine theme. It had a couple touching moments. I think it got to me more than the wife because Ive been to Iraq and had buddies die and seen combat (limited, but enough to constantly think about it).

    Like I said at the beginning, I thought it would just be another action/man movie with a lot of killing but no acting. I was suprised though, this is a good movie. Its definately worth paying for a ticket and spending 2 hours at a theater. You dont get the same feeling and immersion watching at home as you do with the hugh screen and loud speakers at the theater. Ive gotten to the point that its only worth going to the movies if you want to watch high dollar, blockbuster, heavily cg'ed movies.
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    Cool. I want to see it but cannot go to theaters. DVD.


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    Seen it, and I liked it as well. I do agree that the "theater experience" makes the difference for total sensory immersion enjoyment. :cool:
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    Seen it! Now want it on DVD! I will have to put the subwoofer into action! :D