Basic training 3 new gun owners today.

Discussion in 'Training & Safety' started by Ghost1958, Nov 27, 2020.

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    No I don't charge folks to teach them how to defend themselves with a firearm.
    But on occasion if asked I'll do so for free. Even furnish the pistol . They just have to furnish ammo.

    One of my pastors daughters, her two sons and one of their wives had asked me would I mind which of course I didnt. I believe everyone should carry and be able to defend themselves. Which is why I do it for free.

    One son couldn't make it so I was working with 3 . Spent about 5 hrs with them starting with basic gun safety and handling , two different grip styles, short range defensive shooting, with some basic movement, basic gun retention, moving them out to about 10 yards.
    After the 5 hours all could draw and shoot roughly first sized groups com from 3 to 10 yards.
    Also let the pastors daughter who could see no point in an AR 15, shoot the Ar 15 . Which elicited grins all around and her plans to get one .

    They asked if they could come back in a few days and learn some more advanced stuff. I said of course. They tried to pay me but just told them furnish your own ammo and we are good.

    All in all a good day
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    I've always done the same, with newbies. Pays back ten-fold, with future interest and potential, and often they'll "tell two friends" (help others) once they get up and running themselves.

    Had a buddy come from another country, for a few weeks. Went to the range with a variety of firearms. As an engineer by training, he appreciated the designs and functions of each of them. We went through one at a time, doing a bit of quick disassembly, cleaning, checking, then we shot it. Micro pistols, defensive sidearms, a shotgun, a pistol-caliber carbine rifle. Coming from a country where it's all but impossible to legally carry arms, he was over the moon with how much he learned.

    Funny how biases about arms fade away once a person actually gets a bit of saddle time with the things. They're not as tough to handle, nor as hard-kicking, as people have been led to believe. It's just a tool, and just another skill. Often, quite a challenge and a joy for folks to learn.
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    Ghost, Y'all dun gud, Bubba!:)
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    You're just further contributing to the ammo shortage ghost. C'mon man!

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