Basic Care for my new Revolvers

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    Hello all

    I am brand new to the forums and have a very basic question. Over the holidays I inherited two Ruger single action handguns, a .44 Mag blackhawk and a little Ruger 22 BearCat. These were my Dad's Cousin's guns and are either late 70s / early 80s vintage. They are blued /walnut grips and are in outstanding condition. I don't think either has shot a full box of shells

    These are my first handguns and I'm not sure how to take care of them. Please direct me to the appropriate place on the Forums or somebody give me a few tips as to how to wipe them down after handling, etc. I know enough not to use WD-40, etc. But what type of light oil should I use, if any, where should I store them, do I leave them in original box, etc

    Any info would be appreciated and thx in advance
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    Sounds like you inherited some fine weapons there! First of all anytime you handle them or let someone else be sure to completely wipe them down with something like Breakfree, G-96, or any good quality gun oil will work. Some people you might show them to may be very acidic! And if you don;t wipe them down I have seen cases where the finish would be damaged within an hour or two! So always do that! And you are correct never even get any WD-40 within gun shot range of them. It is also a penetrating oil and if left in any amount can make a primer falter.
    To Clean them I would suggest getting a good pistol cleaning rod set preferably a coated rod. Dewey Rods are Great for example. Not inexpensive but neither are you weapons! But never steel. Aluminum will work but I like the coated rods. Less apt to do damage to the rifling's and etc. If you use Breakfree you must remember one important thing. SHAKE THE BOTTLE BEFORE USING. As it is stored it will separate. So you must shake it.
    I would get a good Brass Brush to get the cylinders clean. For just maintenance type cylinder cleaning I like the good Nylon type brushes. However if fired the cylinders get some tough build up in them sometimes depending on the ammunition adn you will need the Brass Brush. Also get a good M-16 Cleaning Brush. Great for cleaning on top of the barrel between the barrel and frame in front of the cylinder. You may need two different Rods since you have the Blackhawk 44. A 22 Rod is awfully small for the big bores. Then some good Solvent like Hoppe's #9, Shooters Choice, Patches for both and as stated a Good Gun Oil. Since they are revolvers and you will clean the bore from the muzzle end. USE CAUTION not to damage the rifling's! Just keep the barrel clean and chambers in the cylinder, wipe them down good always and they will last a lifetime and give you many hours of enjoyment. As stated nice guns! You should be honored to have received them.


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    Shuter, there is a lot to learn. Might I suggest that you stop by our "Introductions" area and say "Hi"?
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    That's exactly the kind of info I was looking for Sniper.
    Thx for the quick response.