Basic Adjustable stock question.

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    Ok, I took the plunge and picked up my first AR-15. I've never used a six position stock before and am wondering how I find the optimum setting. Fully collapsed is obviously out, but fully extended and five clicks out both feel natural when using the irons. I'm only 5'7" and my arms aren't on the long side. What determines the best fit? Eventually I'll throw a scope on it. Will that necessitate changing the stock setting?:confused:
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    It matters which stance you are going to use, I use a squared which requires a shorter length of pull in order to get a proper for grip. It all depends on you being comfortable and helps you shoot more accurately

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    Here's a short video describing the concept of length of pull...keep in mind it will change according to the clothing you are wearing and, as stated, the stance or position, e.g. standing, kneeling, prone that you are shooting from. Obviously you won't be cutting the stock but you will need to find the right length keeping in mind that it may lie between 2 of the preset positions. A scope or other optic might change the LOP depending on the required eye relief...the military teaches to sight the AR with your nose just about touching the charging handle...that might not be possible with a scope.

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    Jpyle hits on two of the points I would make...

    I have an ACOG on one AR and a Trijicon AccuPoint on the other. Each of these scopes requires a specific eye relief to be used effectively, and the adjustability of the stock is crucial toward finding that "sweet spot" on each of them.

    I bulk up in clothing as the hunting season progresses, and being able to adjust the stock for the clothing I'm wearing is essential to finding that proper eye relief as well.

    ...and, yes, NTCH doesn't work with all scope applications.
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    Yes, NTCH is what's normally taught for irons and a RDS. Sounds like you might want one click out from the shortest position (to start out).

    With a scope, eye relief will tell you where to place the scope/mounts and the stock as well.
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