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    Starting to build my range gun and got my Weaver base mounts in, then I thought to myself hey is there a correct way to put these on. Ive always just slapped them onto the gun and hit the range. Now Im building the gun for long range accuracy only, and need to get ever drop of accuracy out of it. So how do you guys go about putting bases on correctly?
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    If you are going to accuracy can them crapy weaver mounts. You want a one piece base and if you are shooting over 600 yards you may want a 20moa base. accuracy is like speed it cost money and lost of it. Look into a picatinny rail.

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    Good advice.

    The rail needs to be bedded onto the top of the receiver. The reason for that is the same reason that a receiver needs to be bedded into the stock, even if using a receiver bedding block. The differences in tolerances between the receiver body and the bedding block, and the receiver body and the rail dictate that it must be done to ensure that the action remain in a "relaxed" or unstressed state. The only stress present should be the stress imparted by the compression the firing pin spring, and the relationship between the cocking piece and the trigger sear while the weapon is in battery.
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    I built up a Savage in .22-6mm. All I have on it is a 1 piece Weaver mount and the only time I shot it at 600 yrds. it put 3 shots in under 2 in. I`m hopeing to get in more long range shooting tommrow, the rain is suposed to be over. :rolleyes:
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    WOW .3 MOA that is crazy accuracy. May I see a target?
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    Dont forget to lap your rings to make sure they are square with each other and to torque your rings evenly