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    Are there any companies that make blued barrels for 1911's. To possibly make a true Blacked Out 1911. Would a carbon barrel be "inferior" to a stainless one as far as accuracy, reliability? And how would it keep its blueing?
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    The alloy steels used is important to say stainless steel is the best doesent alway's make it a better or worse barrel, its allot of how they are worked (boreing,reaming, buttonrifleing)Stainless steel is a alloy, the barrel steel (0S?) i cannot recall the special identifier of the steel alloy (Blued barrels are from) I do know that top performing target pistols and rifles are made with both types steels. I once had some blueing wear off my remington 700BDL in .17Remington so I thought I would just use some cold blue to touch up the spots on the barrel, long story short that barrel had enough chrome in the steel alloy it wouldent allow the blueing to take, wonderfull shooting rifle with a alloy steel barrel.
    There is the science of metals called Metalurgey its pretty interesting stuff in itself when considering heat treating, hardsurfacing, nitrideing, the different methods used in machining, thermal rates of expansion is just the tip of the iceberg of the metals arena.
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