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    Here's a question for some gun wizard. I have a rifle barrell that I cannot identify. The owner has a FFL, but is in transitioning to a elderly facility.

    Barell Specifications and markings:
    -The barrell is raw without flash suppressor, front sight, etc.
    -barrell length: is right about 22 inches long.
    -Markings on barrell: M P SAK 779 1362 7-65 3251319
    -The barrell has threads 7/16" and 6"(center line), a gas port 8", and a
    flange at 8.25". All measurements from the tip.
    -The breach end is threaded with acme threads.

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    You have a Saco Lowell M14 National Match barrel made in July of 1965 that has been Magnetic Particle inspected and Proof Tested.

    It is an excellent barrel, but the inside condition is far more important than the outside condition.

    Many of these barrels looks new, but they have been WELL used and re-parkerized. You need someone who has a set of 7.62x51 guages to check the throat erosion (TE) and muzzle wear (MW).

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    Thanks a lot. for the great information! This barrel has been bugging me for a month! You're the "Barrel-Guru".