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    If I was going to create my own black powder gun what would be the safest barrel specifications to look for in order to decrease the likelihood of accidents involving that aspect of the firearm?
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    Barrel Specs

    You are probably going to find the best deal and "safest" barrels by going to a vender such as "Track of the Wolf" or "Dixie Gun Works". They are plenty of others out there not pitching for anyone. They can sell you the stock and custom barrels. Green Mountain Barrels are used on a lot of custom built muzzle loaders. Any quality barrel built by a reputable mfg will be safe within industry standards. If you still have questions or are unsure about what you might have, go to a competent gunsmith you trust, and get their input.
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    set your mind ar ease, all modern barrels can be filled to the top, double balled, and fired. There are pics over at Dixie to prove it.

    Not suggested you do so.

    WHen asking about barrels, there are so many types. Per firearm style.

    Long, short, octigon, round, swamped, and many more.

    You need to know which type of rifle you are going to build.

    The best parts can be found at Jim Chambers
    or Muzzleloader supply. com

    Chambers makes the best all around kits. The gals at MLS can muster up a better section of locks, stocks, and barrel.
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    Depend on what you want to shoot (barrel twist for shooting .44 round ball different than what's called for a .32 squirrel rifle).