Barrel Suggestions??

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by 87mariner, Mar 17, 2012.

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    Ok folks, well I decided to take on an AR build and so far it's coming out flawless. Managed to build up the complete lower in no time, now for the upper. I was wondering if any of you AR guru's out there would help me in selecting a barrel. Im not military or law enforcement, just a plain ole civilian looking to build a quality AR. This platform is going to be used for plinking/target shooting with the boys. Maybe a 16" Govt Pro Mid-Length with a 1:9 twist would suffice?Ok so here's what I have so far...
    •Mega Arms Upper and Lower Receiver
    •BCM Bolt Carrier Group
    •Yankee Hill Specter Quad Rail
    •Stag Lower Parts Kit
    •Magpul CTR Stock
    •Ergo Suregrip

    So here's my question, which barrel would suit my needs best? Profile? Twist Rate? Manufacture? I've heard good things about Daniel Defense, BCM, and Adams Arms. Thanks for the replies in advance guys, and as always, have a nice day.