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    im looking at buying a new 22, but the barrel material for the two models is defferent. one is stainless steel and the other carbon steel, i am going to use the gun for plinking and long range shooting. which one is better, and which one will be more accurate?
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    First of all the quality and brand of the weapon would be my number one question.???? But of the two choices. I would definitely stay with the stainless barrel! First of all as a general rule it tells you that the carbon barrel has a liner in it so that in itself makes me think "LESS ACCURATE" And the stainless would certainly be more durable over the long run.
    I would have no question but the stainless!


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    the two rifles are a savage mark 2-TR, and a savage mark 2 btvs. im nore partial to the stock of the TR, but also like the btvs.
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    A barrel made of carbon STEEL will not have a liner. A barrel made of carbon FIBER will.

    Main difference in 22 LR is appearance and ease of maintenance (rusting). And with 22LR, you are not going to do a lot of long distance shooting- unless we are defining long distance differently from each other.

    Tha make and model of rifle,and the ammunition you use will have far more effect on accuracy than the metal of the barrel.